Update on Kilkenny Bay Association activities for 2020

Dear Members,
We would like to give you some more information with regards to the Coved 19 situation here at the lake. The authorities are updating and adapting their guidelines on a weekly if not daily basis. Following the lead of the Quebec Government, the Municipality has decided to cancel all activities until August 31st. Those who wish to launch their boats will be able to purchase the permit and have the boat washed at the same location. Please check the schedule on the Municipality’s website.
As previously stated, our beach will be open with limited access as the raft, wharves and benches will not be put out this year. Those of you who will be able to enjoy the beach are asked to pay their dues as per our by-laws. To make it easier, you can pay your membership via E-Transfer at tresaurer@kilkennybayassociation.org (please note the unique spelling). We still need to cover our fixed costs such as Taxes, Insurance and upkeep. You may also give your cheque or cash to L.J. if she is able to make it, or Patrick.
We ask you to use the individual chairs on the beach while maintaining a safe distance at all times as wearing a mask into the water is not practical. The health of all those on the beach is important especially our older members, please protect them as well as yourselves. We hope to put this behind us as soon as possible and look forward going back to our regular schedule in the future.
Stay safe and healthy,
Your Directors
Posted May 9th 2020

Kilkenny Bay Association activities for 2020

Dear Members,
We would first like to reach out to all of you whose lives have been disrupted by this unprecedented chain of events. The world as we know it has been turned upside down. We will need to adapt to a new norm which in in itself may not be a bad thing when all is said and done. We will need to rely even more on technology whether it be for school or work. We will, at some point, develop a cure for this virus and its mutations. The situation is evolving on a daily basis; we need to stay ahead of the curve.
It may not be possible for all of you to travel to the Laurentians to share time with friends at the lake this summer as we have done for so many years. Given the circumstances, the Directors have decided to cancel all planned activities for the summer of 2020. We cannot in good conscience, organize events that would put any of our members at risk. In accordance with the Quebec Government policy, we have put all our planning aside for this summer. There will be no annual fees and the beach would be open, but we will ask users to maintain a safe distance when interacting with others. Donations are always welcome. At this time, the wharves and the raft will not be put out as this could compromise the health of the volunteers doing the work.

KBA pictures from 1998 and 1999

We have been gifted old photos from 1998 and 1999 as well as some programs and ribbons from the late 80's and 90's!